"Our move went great partly because of the boxes we rented from GoBac. The boxes were super clean and delivered on time, the driver was very nice and helpful, he even offered useful hints and the pick up went just as smoothly. Great company to work with and a GREAT product. The boxes made packing (which I had dreaded!!) a piece of cake: no need to tape anything, as the boxes have lids that close perfectly. Overall I was really really satisfied with my choice and the price was decent too!! I strongly recommend GoBac for everyone who is moving these days. PLUS using reusable boxes is soo GREEN :)))) Oh, and they offered an extra day when they picked up the boxes at no extra cost!!"- Adina Coroiu

"The staff at Gobac were really helpful, communicative, and service-oriented. The boxes were easy to order, the service was very friendly and honest, and the dollys and boxes were in great condition. I was skeptical about the price of renting boxes initially, (our total was just over $100) but I'd say it was worth it. They were easy to pack, easy to stack, easy to move, and easy to unpack. The price would have been a little less with cardboard boxes, (I estimate around $80), but they wouldn't have been delivered to our door, they wouldn't have stacked so nicely, they wouldn't have been so strong (books and dvds weigh a surprising amount), they wouldn't have been so water resistant (we did get rained on during the move), and they wouldn't have been picked up and taken away. This was the fastest, cleanest move I've ever done. I highly recommend it!"- Ce Gaspirc

"This company was awesome, they helped us a lot in times of need.HIGHLY RECOMMEND their services. The boxes were very clean and even smelled googd compared with someone elses comments here. We needed a quick and cost effective boxes when we moved my mother and we got it. Thank you Shai Schwartz for the superb and friendly services we received from you and your team."- Kimberley Bronstein

"In reference to bed bugs and any other infestations, the team at Gobac will never rent out their boxes without doing a thorough cleaning and disinfecting process. . There is ZERO chance of passing along any type of bug problem. I have seen their procedure and am perfectly comfortable using their boxes and recommending them."- Debbie Miller

"I was referred to Gobac Inc. by a friend as an alternate to cardboard boxes and an easy way to move and found the staff knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic. Though the weight of the actual containers adds to the overall weight of the packed material, they are very convenient, made of sturdy plastic material that makes stacking a breeze. I recommend using this service to anyone moving. The containers are self-closing (no need for packing tape), and come with complementary stickers to indicate what's inside them."- Nathalie Blanchard

"Great people! Great service! Couldn't be any happier! A super company with a social conscience! Can't be that... ;)"- Annie Cliche

"Moving Made Easy! no other company can offer you a complete service, door to door, with a smile on their face, friendliness, and honesty. Our move was easy, fast, cost effective, and clean. Gobac boxes made our moving experience a treat!"- A Google User

"Thanks again for the excellent service. As well as having easy to stack boxes, I found that we unpacked a lot faster knowing that we had to give the boxes back. An added bonus meaning that we had a somewhat liveable place sooner."- Kerry

"Excellent service. Clean and strong boxes, delivery and pick-up on time. It made me save a lo of time!! Thank you!"- Lucila

"Hi , I used this company twice, and I love their concept. I am so proud of my choice and recommend GoBac to all those who move this year. They are truly the best. Go green; GoBac!"- A Google User

"Great idea! Plastic boxes instead of cardboard, cleaner, stronger, thank you!"- A Google User